Testimonials in Oxnard, CA

Looking for a "helpful hardware store?" In Oxnard, it's called Keene's Hardware! This local business has been here since I was a wee little chap. Despite the advent of hardware warehouses, they have managed to keep serving Oxnard throughout the years. Why have they survived so long? Probably because they always have the right tool for the job and provide exemplary customer service. The 2 men who have always been there when I visit are always easily approachable and incredibly knowledgeable of all the dilemmas I've presented to them. They always have a solution for this rookie "do-it-yourselfer." AND, they've never made me feel I was asking a stupid question. Whats not to love about that?!? You don't need a vast selection of everything, just the tool to get the job done. You'll get that here, and then some, cuz these guys are awesome!
- Dave
This fantastic little hardware store has been there forever and it is such a benefit to the South Oxnard community. It takes forever to get from South Oxnard to the Northside with all the growth and traffic, and when you need something a tool or part for a quick fix it is so handy to have it nearby. It doesn't have the huge selection of a big box store but it also doesn't take forever to find something, and the staff are uber helpful and knowledgeable and best of all they are friendly without being overbearing. Please support Keanes!
- Raleigh
They greet you with a friendly smile and hello, always have what I am looking for. Even things the big hardware store don't carry!!
- AzureSeas
This is a friendly store that has been around a long time, I always find what I need, even the oldest of parts
- Unknown
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